The Athena Operation is a sci fi novel written by debut author Dalton Cortner. It takes place in the bleak future of 2099. Poverty runs rampant across the universe and the galaxies that inhabit it. It's a story painted ripe with conflicted characters and a diverse cast of races that may be alien, but share many flaws with humanity.

The story takes place when the universe's most dangerous (and numerous) species, the Seythra, begin an onslaught against every other race and planet. They kill indiscriminately, and work together like an army trained since birth.

Seraph Aydrian, an infamous soldier one reprimand away from termination, must lead an army of soldiers, mercenaries, and civilians against the seythra assault and not only stop the chaos and destruction, but uncover the dark and sinister motives that are driving the murders.